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Antigua Economic Citizenship Program

Established in 2012, the Antigua and Barbuda Economic Citizenship Program has quickly became an industry leader renowned for efficiency and integrity. A recent reduction in the minimum investment requirements has made Antigua one of the cheapest citizenship by investment programs available today. Qualified individuals and families who make a financial donation to a government fund of at least $100,000 USD or an approved property investment of at least $400,000 USD can obtain a powerful second passport in Antigua in only four to six months.

There are no education or language requirements, and no visit to the jurisdiction is required during the application process. Antigua passport holders can travel without visa restrictions to 132 countries including the entire European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Brazil, India, South Korea, Turkey, South Africa, Singapore, Iran, Indonesia, Qatar, and Hong Kong. In addition to having an excellent passport for international travel, Antigua and Barbuda is also one of the most beautiful jurisdictions currently offering second citizenship through investment.

Economic Citizenship Antigua and Barbuda 2022

Antigua economic citizenship is possible with a qualifying real estate investment of at least USD $400,000. Under the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Program, property must be held for at least five years. For a limited period of time, two applicants from related parties may be able to make a joint investment in approved real estate provided each individual invests a minimum of USD $200,000.

A charitable monetary contribution to the Antigua National Development Fund (NDF) of at least USD $100,000 can make a solo applicant or a family of up to four eligible for second citizenship in the country. Families of five or more must make a financial donation of at least USD $125,000. The Antigua and Barbuda NDF pools private investor money and government funds to bankroll a variety of large projects that are expected to make a positive difference in the economy of Antigua and Barbuda.

An investment of USD $1,500,000 or more into an eligible business in Antigua can also qualify an individual for economic citizenship in the country. The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) has sanctioned a number of specific business projects that investors can choose from.

In addition to the financial donation or purchase of real estate in Antigua, the following government processing fees must be paid. In addition to making a qualifying real estate investment, business investment, or monetary contribution, all Antigua Economic Citizenship Program participants must pay the following fees.

Government fees:
Solo applicant - $30,000
Family of 4 or less - $30,000
Family of 5 or more - $30,000 for family of 4 plus $15,000 per additional dependent

Government due diligence fees:
Main applicant - $7,500
Spouse - $7,500
Children <12 - Free
Children 12 to 17 - $2,000 each
Children 18 to 28 - $4,000 each
Dependent parents & grandparents - $4,000 each

Additional fees:
Passport fee - $300 per person

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Antigua economic citizenship

About Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is a small island nation located in the Lesser Antilles in the beautiful Caribbean Sea. The islands are only 440 square kilometers in size and have a population of 91,295. Antigua is very stable country both economically and politically. It is an English speaking electoral democracy with an excellent international reputation, and the country's legal system is based on British common law. Antigua's service-based economy is almost entirely dependent on tourism, with more than one million tourists visiting the islands each year. The country's economy grew by more than 4% in 2019, and has a GDP per capita of $16,500 USD.

If I Make an Investment Am I Guaranteed Approval?

Investors do not need to pay for their Antigua investment property or make their financial donation to the Antigua Development Fund until after the applicant has received an Approval-in-Principle letter from the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program. If a candidate has already invested their money but is then not approved for Antiguan economic citizenship, he or she will likely qualify a full refund minus appropriate fees.

Antigua Dual Citizenship

Anyone accepted for citizenship by investment in Antigua and Barbuda will never be required by the country to renounce any other citizenship or visas they hold. Dual nationality offers people increased political and economic diversification. Consequently, the fact that Antigua and Barbuda allows dual citizenship makes the economic passport program even more attractive to international entrepreneurs.

Can My Children & Parents Also Become Citizens?

All dependent children under 18 years of age can be included in an Antiguan citizenship by investment application. Children up to 30 years of age can also be included provided they are unmarried and still dependent financially on the main applicant. Dependent parents and grandparents can be included in an Antiguan economic citizenship application if they are at least 55 years old. As of 2022, citizenship by investment in Antigua is also possible for a brother or sister or an applicant as siblings can now be included in a citizenship application.

Antiguan Residency Requirement

There are no requirements for Antigua and Barbuda residency after citizenship has been issued to an investor. A passport holder used to need to spend five days in Antigua over a five year period, but this requirement was suspended during the coronavirus pandemic. This is helpful for busy global entrepreneurs that want the convenience of a second passport without a burdensome residence requirement. Dependent children under 18 years of age who obtain Antiguan passports through the country's investor citizenship program never need to visit the islands and do not have to swear an oath until after their 18th birthday.

University of West Indies Fund (UWI)

In May 2020, the Antigua Economic Citizenship Program introduced a new investment option designed to attract large families to the island. A family of six can now apply for Antigua passports by investing USD $150,000 in the University of West Indies Fund (UWI). In addition to obtaining citizenship in a great country, a member of the family would also be entitled to a 1-year scholarship at the University of West Indies should they be interested in studying there.

Bustling Tourism Industry

The tourism industry in Antigua and Barbuda is very strong on both islands. Large, luxury cruise ship liners regularly dock at the islands. The further development of the tourism industry will likely help boost the price of real estate on the islands. A considerable number of "baby boomers" from America are also beginning to retire to the country. Investing in the right Antigua and Barbuda real estate development whose shares are approved for sale under the economic citizenship program could potentially offer a significant return on investment (ROI) while facilitating second nationality. Businesses supplying the tourism industry are essential to the future GDP growth desired by the Antiguan Government. Since tourism comprises 60% of the economy, the local Government takes managing and growing the industry very seriously. Citizenship can also be seen as a perk to those that wanted to live on these vibrant islands regardless.

Affordable Second Passport

Those that are successful in acquiring an economic passport in Antigua will likely find that it is easier to travel freely to many different countries. Antigua and Barbuda passport holders can travel to France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, the UK, Italy, and many other European countries without requiring a Schengen Visa. Before 2017, Antigua economic citizenship used to offer visa-free access to Canada, which the investment citizenship programs in St Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Grenada and St Lucia did not. As of summer 2017, however, citizens of Antigua now require a visa to travel to Canada. Many experts in the citizenship by investment industry believe that Antiguan economic citizenship provides investors with the best value of any jurisdiction in the Caribbean.

Travel to Antigua

Direct flights to Antigua from major cities such as London, New York, Miami, and Toronto are already available. As Antigua and Barbuda gains popularity and increases their tourism industry, there will likely be more cities added to the direct flight list. The largest airport in the country, VC Bird International Airport (ANU), is located very close to St. John's, the capital of Antigua and Barbuda.

Tax Incentives

Antigua and Barbuda citizens enjoy no capital gains or estate taxes, making it a great place for an international entrepreneur to call home. Income taxes can vary but are never more than 25%. Only income generated within Antigua and Barbuda is taxed. This means worldwide investments do not result in additional taxes to be paid to the Government of Antigua and Barbuda.

The Antigua Economic Citizenship Application Process

The application process for Antigua and Barbuda economic citizenship can vary in length depending upon how long it takes for you and your family to get the necessary documents and medical certificates. Some applicants may be able to do this very quickly, but those in some locations may have more difficulty getting the necessary paperwork. An immigration professional that is approved by the Antigua Citizenship Program can help make the application process as simple as possible. Generally, the entire process from application to acceptance takes 4-6 months if there are no serious issues.

When you compare how long it can take to get citizenship in a country without investment, it is easy to see why so many wealthy people choose to invest in economic citizenship countries that can offer them the many benefits of second citizenship within a very short period of time. The Economic Citizenship Antigua and Barbuda Program is typically considered to be one of the most efficient citizenship by investment programs in existence. With a no residency requirement, economic citizenship in Antigua is also much more attractive to active international business professionals than many investor immigration programs.

Required Documentation

There are several documents required to process an economic citizenship Antigua application successfully. Here is an overview of some of the Antigua economic citizenship requirements. Candidates do not need to travel to Antigua or Barbuda during the application process.

Birth Certificates
A certified copy of each applicant's birth certificate is usually requested by the Antigua Citizenship by Investment Program, however, in special cases older family records can be acceptable.

Health Certificates
Antigua and Barbuda take health care seriously. Applicants for Antigua nationality must not have any very contagious diseases. An HIV test is required for all prospective candidates. The test must have been done within three months of the application date, or it will not be considered valid and must be redone. A complete medical exam is required when applying for Antigua and Barbuda economic citizenship. The medical form required by the Antigua CIU has to be filled out by the examining doctor.

Background Check
Each applicant for economic citizenship in Antigua must not have a criminal record. Documentation certifying that the applicant has never been part of any crime is required. This can be an official background check or a certificate from a police department. Licensed Antigua and Barbuda citizenship agents can help make sure you get a detailed enough criminal report to satisfy this requirement. The Antigua Economic Citizenship Program has one of the best due diligence procedures in the investment immigration industry which helps protect the long-term value of Antigua passports.

Notary Requirements and Age of Documents
Any document that is photocopied must be signed and stamped by a notary. No document that is older than six months is acceptable for any part of the Antigua economic citizenship application, so there should be no major delays between gathering documents.

Photo and Signature
As part of the economic citizenship Antigua application process, each potential immigrant must submit a recent photo as well as a signature. If the applicant is a child, then they do not have to submit a signature but should write N/A on the signature line.

Passport Copies and Identification
Each person applying for second citizenship through investment in Antigua and Barbuda will be required to submit two copies of a valid passport. A copy of both sides of each person's social security or government identification card is also required. Each individual needs to include ten passport sized photos. These must be of very good quality and show all of the applicant's face.

Marriage and Divorce Certificates
Couples applying for Antigua citizenship will need to procure two certified copies of their marriage certificate. Any divorced persons should provide copies of the official divorce decrees or documentation.

Education Documentation
Although the Antigua and Barbuda Economic Passport Program does not have any official education requirements, it is worthwhile to include this in your application if you have attended any universities, colleges or trade schools. A well-educated individual is a desirable candidate for economic citizenship.

Children aged 18-28 can be included as dependents in an Antigua and Barbuda citizenship application provided they are enrolled in school full time and are unmarried and have at least six months of education remaining. To satisfy this requirement, the education records of any dependent adult children who wish to become Antigua nationals are required as supporting documents.

Additional Names or Adoptions
If any Antigua citizenship by investment applicant has ever changed their name for any reason other than marriage, documentation of the name change must be provided. This includes name changes due to adoption. Additional background checks may be required for those that have changed names.

Professional References for Antigua Economic Citizenship
At least one good professional reference is required for the primary applicant. More than one reference can be used if the applicant desires.

Economical Second Citizenship

For those that are searching for the right jurisdiction to obtain second citizenship, Antigua has one of the best economic citizenship programs in the world. Now that the prices of citizenship under the donation option have been greatly reduced, the Antigua Economic Citizenship Program offers some of the best value in the industry. Investing in Antigua's economy may be smart business on its own, but combined with the benefits of the second citizenship by investment program it can be an exceptionally lucrative opportunity. Not only does Antigua and Barbuda offer an attractive citizenship program for those willing to invest in the nation, but its tourism-based economy appears destined for consistent growth over the next decade. Investments in Antigua in exchange for citizenship can be made in a variety of different ways.

Option #1 - Antigua Real Estate Investment

If you have ever dreamed of having a home in a beautiful place, then a real estate investment in Antigua may be just the thing to get you on the path to securing second citizenship for yourself and your family. The Citizenship Investment Act of 2013 designated specific areas of the country for the development of Antigua Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) approved real estate. Consequently, there are now a significant number of Antigua real estate projects authorized under the Antigua and Barbuda Economic Citizenship Program. To qualify for second citizenship in Antigua via this option, investors begin by entering into a contract to purchase CIU endorsed real estate in the country. Before submitting an Antigua and Barbuda Investor Citizenship application, candidates must place the relevant due diligence fees as well as 10% of the government processing fees into an independent escrow account. The purchase contract is contingent on being accepted for economic citizenship, and only after receipt of an approval letter from the Antigua Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) will the actual purchase need to be made in accordance with the program's rules. Most real estate developers will also ask that 10% of the price of the property be placed into escrow before a sale and purchase agreement can be signed.

Once an applicant is approved in principle and pays the remaining amount owed for the real estate investment and government processing fees, the property title will be registered in his or her name and the investor will be issued a Certificate of Naturalization and an Antiguan passport. Although procuring Antigua nationality through the purchase of real estate requires more money upfront, the bulk of the investment is recoverable making the total cost potentially lower than the donation option. For a limited period of time, it may be possible for two related candidates to invest in real estate together thus cutting the minimum price per person in half to only USD $200,000. Antiguan immigration officials have approved a variety of real estate development projects in the country including the following.

Approved Antigua Real Estate Projects:

  • Rosewood Half Moon Bay Hotel
  • Pleasure Cove Resort
  • Nonsuch Bay Resort
  • Papaya Hotel & Spa
  • Antigua Yacht Club Marina
  • Coconut Beach Club & Resort (by Leisure World Properties)
  • Emerald Springs Villas
  • Verandah Estates
  • BluPearl at Hodges Bay (by JSN Development Group)
  • Marina Residences
  • Nelson's Retreat (by Blueprint Development)
  • Hermitage Bay
  • Tamarind Hills (by Island Heights Ltd)
  • World of Indulgence Villas
  • Long Bay Hotel (by Jiahao Investment)
  • Jolly Beach Hotel & Resort
  • Passion Village
  • Pearns Point (by Orange Limited)
  • Light House Bay Resort
  • Harbour Island Residence (by Stanhope Shepherd Ltd)
  • South Point Hotel
  • The Villas at St James's Club

Option #2 - Antigua and Barbuda Fund Donation

To qualify for economic citizenship in Antigua via the charitable donation route, the due diligence fees and 10% of the government processing fees must be paid into an escrow account upon application submission. Once approved in principle by the Antigua CIP, the investor then has 30 days to make the prescribed donation to the designated fund and pay the outstanding processing fees at which time he or she will be officially approved for citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda.

Option #3 - Antigua Business Investment

There are a variety of local companies that can be invested in under the Antiguan Economic Citizenship Program. These businesses include Antigua Sustainable Aquaculture, Call Centre Services, Caribbean Free Trade Zone Development, Freetown Destination Resort, Freetown Hotel Development, Golden Island Filmworks, Jiahao Investment, The Verandah Resort & Spa and Whitegate Real Estate Limited. These Antigua and Barbuda businesses operate in a variety of industries. For example, Antigua Sustainable Aquaculture Limited is dedicated to managing and creating sustainable fiscal growth of the aquaculture industry in the nation's coastal waters, while The Verandah Resort and Spa is a luxurious Antigua getaway for tourists from around the world. Multiple investors seeking citizenship can invest a combined $5,000,000 for a jointly held business venture provided each individual investor has contributed $400 thousand or more. This is a great way for those in the business world to invest and gain citizenship together with established business partners. With the Antigua tourism industry booming, there is a lot of incentive to invest in luxury resorts, hotels, spa services, yacht charters and more.

Quality of Life in Antigua and Barbuda

Residents of this two-island state have a fantastic lifestyle. The climate is great for those seeking warmth and relaxation. Many homes are on the water, so they offer fantastic views. The fishing and boating opportunities alone are enough to encourage any outdoor enthusiast. The many ports allow for easy imports, so the country is not lacking any goods or amenities.

There is a lot of diversity in Antigua and Barbuda because people come there from all over the world to live, vacation, conduct business, etc. This means that although this is a smaller island state, there is no lack of influences and culture from outside the island nation. The Economic Citizenship Antigua Program is extremely popular amongst investors from a variety of areas including China, Russia, the Middle East, and Africa.

A Laid Back Lifestyle and Close Community

Antigua and Barbuda is not as fast paced as many industrialized countries. The island and tourist atmosphere, as well as the wonderful weather, make life on Antigua and Barbuda the perfect place for those that are tired of the stress and fast pace of their life elsewhere.

The sunrises and sunsets on the islands are something that no one that visits will ever forget. You can spend the mornings enjoying breakfast on the beach and watching the island come alive. Of course, if you spend much time here you will want to consider leasing or buying your own boat for enjoying the warm blue waters.

There are many tucked away areas to get away from it all and enjoy the lifestyle of a native islander. For those that want to be involved in the local community, there are no shortage of community organizations and non-profits that are very active in helping the disadvantaged and improving the island around them. Those on the island are very welcoming to those that want to become more involved and proactive. The capital city of St. John's is the cultural and financial center of the country and is home to many offshore banks.

A strong sense of community makes Antigua and Barbuda attractive to those that want a second residence but the familiarity and closeness that comes with a family oriented and close-knit community of caring people. Antigua and Barbuda have national holidays such as Boxing Day and New Years that often turn into gatherings for everyone in the area to enjoy the company of one another.

Enjoying the Arts

For lovers of creativity, there is no shortage of artists and galleries on the islands. Ceramic artists, interior designers, painters, and more are all available on both islands. Music is a big part of island culture. On any night you can hear the sounds of the islands emanating from many homes and businesses. There are a variety of artists, musicians, and photographers, all available for private hire as well.

Barbuda and Antigua are both perfect for exploring your artistic side. Taking an art class or becoming involved at a local gallery can be very fulfilling. There is no shortage of artistic inspiration to keep the creativity flowing. Taking the time to enjoy something is a very important part of the vibe and culture of the islands. You may discover that you have a talent that never manifested itself before.

Life in Antigua and Barbuda

For those that are new to island lifestyle and boating culture, there are many outfitters and boating schools and classes so you can begin enjoying island life quickly. For those that prefer to sit back and relax there are charter boats that can take you on short or extended fishing and sailing excursions.

Scuba diving is another popular past time for both natives and tourists alike. Classes are offered that can get you certified to scuba dive yourself. Surfing is another activity that is possible in the country.

English is the official language of Antigua and Barbuda, although local dialects can occasionally be confusing to those new to the island. Language classes can be taken at a low cost for those that are not native English speakers.

Great Medical Facilities and Availability Care

Although the islands are a small state, the medical care available is extensive. No matter what type of health concern arises, Antigua and Barbuda has hospitals and facilities that can offer you care. Emergency clinics are available 24 hours per day. A full range of dental services are available from primary care to cosmetic dentistry and oral surgeries.

Antigua Citizenship Application and Processing Fees

The fees for an Antigua Economic Citizenship Program donation option application are currently $30,000 for an individual applicant, $30,000 for a main applicant, spouse, and up to 2 children, and $15,000 for each additional dependent. For the real estate investment option, the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program also has a processing fee of $30,000 for a single applicant, $30 thousand for a family of 4, and $15 thousand for each extra dependent family member after three.

In addition to the standard Antigua Citizenship by Investment Unit processing fees, there are other fees that must be added into the cost of buying citizenship. A due diligence fee must be paid to the Government of Antigua and Barbuda. For due diligence, a $7,500 fee will be assessed for primary applicants as well as spouses. Diligence fees for dependents 12-17 years of age are $2,000 for each child. Any dependents over 18 are assessed a diligence fee of $4,000 each. The Antigua and Barbuda Economic Citizenship Program does not charge a due diligence fee for dependent children younger than 12 years of age.

Antigua Economic Citizenship Cost

Skeptical investors unfamiliar with the Economic Citizenship Antigua Scheme sometimes wonder if there are hidden fees involved. Other than Government of Antigua processing fees, due diligence fees and passport fees, as well as the professional fees charged by the Antigua Citizenship Program licensed agent; there are no hidden fees involved in the program. Those that invest in real estate or directly purchase properties in Antigua and Barbuda will pay a government transfer tax of 2.5% of the value of the property, however. Escrow fees for holding funds for investment may also apply but are usually kept at a very low rate such as 1%. Legal fees can vary depending on how much work the law firm must do to gather documents and complete the application process. Any fees required for copies of documents or medical testing are also not included in the costs listed above, but these are minimal fees that do not add a significant amount to the total cost of buying citizenship in Antigua.

If an applicant or their spouse is considered a politically exposed person, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda may charge a higher due diligence fee. Examples of those that may be considered politically exposed would be government officials and officers, high-level executives of well-known corporations, or a famous celebrity.

It is important to allow for some extra expenses just in case any issues arise in acquiring documents or if extra travel is needed. The Government of Antigua and Barbuda attempts to make the process as easy as possible, but they do reserve the right to require extra documentation if they see a need to do so.

Investment In Escrow

While the economic citizenship Antigua and Barbuda application is being processed, the investor's initial funds are held in an approved escrow account until citizenship is approved in principle. If Antigua economic citizenship is not issued, the funds are returned minus any fees previously agreed on. This escrow transaction proves that the investor has the necessary funds to proceed with their citizenship by investment bid, and also gives the program increased credibility in the eyes of foreign investors. This also helps ensure that investors obtain their Antigua passport as soon as possible after their application is approved. A qualified immigration agent or attorney licensed by the program can help make escrow account arrangements for you.

Getting The Help You Need For a Successful Application

Applying for Antigua and Barbuda economic citizenship requires a great deal of document gathering. Language barriers can sometimes have an impact on how fast the process can go. An experienced lawyer is a great way to make sure that applications are completed correctly and processed as quickly as possible. Immigration lawyers can also help you find and gather the documents that are needed, arrange for medical tests, procure police paperwork from your places of residence, and facilitate accredited translation services when needed. Your path to Antigua and Barbuda citizenship will be smoother with the help of an experienced legal team.

Whether you are shopping for a reputable second passport, or already plan to buy real estate in Antigua and simply want to take advantage of the country's citizenship by investment program, the only way to apply for the Antigua Economic Citizenship Program 2022 is through an official agent. Click here to visit the official Antigua immigration website.

Why Choose Antigua and Barbuda?

Investing in Antigua & Barbuda is a very economical way to gain a strong second passport. In fact, with the lucrative investment opportunities and growing popularity of the Antiguan Citizenship Program, it is even possible for people to make money from their business or real estate investment over the years. Because the Antigua and Barbuda economic citizenship fees are reasonable, foreign investors do not require a large return on their property investment to cover the cost of participating in the scheme. There are three different ways to invest in Antigua and Barbuda and gain citizenship. The acceptable ways to invest in the country in accordance with the Antigua Economic Citizenship Program's terms and conditions include property investment, charity donation, and qualifying business purchase. It should be noted that Antigua and Barbuda has very low minimum investment requirements compared to comparable economic citizenship countries. This makes Antiqua and Barbuda very attractive to investors that want an affordable second passport for themselves and family members.

There is a stringent application procedure for obtaining Antiguan economic citizenship that includes a thorough international background check on each applicant. In order to be approved for second citizenship in Antigua, all candidates must be of outstanding character and hold no criminal record. The citizenship through investment's programs rigorous vetting protocols help ensure the long-term value of the country's passport. Offering strategic tax optimization privileges, visa-free access to the European Schengen Zone, and a fantastic quality of life, the Antigua immigration program for investors can provide astounding value to qualified wealthy business owners and international professionals.

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